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With the world and its ways changing at such a swift rate, it seems as if the natural laws of it are taking a tumultuous turn. Earlier, the common citizens of a country were assured safety by the government through its means of protection by the police and court, but during recent times, some policemen with the unethical approach to their duties have come into existence thus changing the picture of the civilians’ altogether. When an innocent thinks of the police, the first image that comes to his mind is that of the savior, somewhere we can seek shelter from the wrongs done by the criminal; but some policemen and their unreasonable enforcement of laws have left an image of terror in our minds.

Each year, there are so many cases of police brutality reported throughout the country; reports suggest that in the year 2016, 863 people were shot to death by the police. A more violent picture was painted in the year 2014 when it was reported that 30% of the African Americans who lost their lives that year were unarmed while they were being killed, even when they had no accusations of any violent crimes registered against them. Such cases of unethical use of firearms, causing wrongful death, falsifying the evidence of any case, sexual harassment or causing mental and physical pain to any citizen or their families and anything else which has been caused by the wrongful use of authority qualifies for police brutality.


As police officers, they have already been endowed with certain rights that the government thinks is necessary for the protection and respect of the constitution; but misusing it in any form stands signifies violation and according to the Federal laws, that was initiated by the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution prohibits an officer to use his power against any unreasonable ground. So, if at any point, you witness a police officer exercising excessive powers such as using his weapons to hurt or intimidate you, sexual abuse through unnecessary body searches, verbal abuse, faking arrest or not granting rights based on your race, then the immediate action would be to seek assistance from an attorney, because when the occurrence is fresh, it will bear more value in the court. With you, up against a policeman, it can get difficult to rightly prove your allegations, and thereby you need strong proofs to back the claims up. Your attorney will advise you to judiciously go about the whole process and arrange for medical references supporting the repercussion of the injustice caused and gather witnesses who will be able to support your views strategically. Combine all the details of the incident and present it to your attorney so that he/she has a transparent idea of your case and can pull out the right set of arguments to support the police’s violation of the Amendments in the Constitution. To go about the process smoothly, you should check the portfolios of the attorneys and choose somebody who has previous experiences in cases similar to this.

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